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What is BBL Fashion? A Complete Guide to BBL Fashion in 2022

If there's a fashion trend that has defined the 2010s is BBL fashion and it keeps going strong. Today, we will discuss what is BBL fashion, why it has become so popular, and what defines this trend. Let's get into your complete guide into BBL fashion!

What Is BBL Fashion? 

"BBL" stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, which is a cosmetic procedure that provides an extreme hourglass and voluptuous figure. During the procedure, fat is transferred from other parts of the body into the buttocks and hips to create the hourglass shape without the need for implants. 
The result is a snatched waist, a flat stomach, and a huge butt. Kim Kardashian is the perfect example and though she denies having any work done, she helped popularize BBLs. Other examples include Cardi B, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, and others.
Now, the BBL fashion meaning is focused on the kind of clothing people with BBL tend to wear, both to show off the body and maintain its shape. Such as body contouring, tight, and revealing clothing that's all about the body. In other words, BBL fashion leaves nothing to the imagination. 

Representatives of BBL Fashion Items 

When you think of BBL fashion, a very specific style comes to mind.

Pencil skirts show hourglass figure

woman in brown pencil skirts
photo: @ama_pearl

Some fashion items are essential, such as pencil skirts, midi skirts, and high-waisted pants. These items highlight the hourglass figure and they show off the hips and butt. 

Crop tops match BBL fashion bottoms

Kim Kardashian wears in orange crop tops with high-waisted leather pants

The BBL fashion bottoms talked above are often paired with crop tops or tight bodysuits, both items show off the tiny waist and flat stomach. This further accentuates the body and brings attention to the right places. 

Bodycon dresses show curves

gold bodycon dress shows curves of hourglass figure
photo: @poshskn

Bodycon dresses are also a must because they hug the hourglass figure well and it's the easiest way to show off how snatched the body is. Of course, high heels are always a must. They don't only add height, they also make you look more poised.

These fashion items are the hallmarks of BBL fashion. They are body-contouring, easy to style, and they are tight enough to provide structure and show off the signature hourglass body shape that comes with BBLs. 

How Is BBL Fashion Getting Popular?

1. How Did BBL Fashion Arise? 

BBL surgery originated in Brazil in the 60s and then it traveled north. It became popular among Black and Latinx communities in the United States, inspired by figures such as Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez. 
These cultures have always celebrated curvy, hourglass figures over the thin beauty standard set by the international fashion industry.
However, it wasn't until Kim Kardashian became famous in the 2000s that the BBL body type became popular in the mainstream. BBL fashion would arise as a result and the BBL figure soon became the ideal body type for many. 

2. How Did BBL Fashion Develop? 

BBL fashion developed as a direct result of celebrity and influencer culture in the 2010s. Perhaps the biggest influence on BBL fashion comes from the Kardashian family, who are true pioneers of what it means to monetize attention. 
If you think about it, there's no good reason for Kim Kardashian's astounding fame. She's not an artist and she hasn't created anything mind-blowing. However, she is the most successful influencer ever and her signature style, at least in the 2010s, was BBL fashion. So, the more popular she became, the more popular BBL fashion became. 

3. 3 Reasons Why BBL Fashion Has Become So Mainstream

Though there are many reasons why BBL fashion has become as popular as it has, there are three main reasons it has been so openly embraced by the mainstream. Namely:

1. You get to show off your figure. Whether you worked hard for it at the gym or you paid for it, showing off a snatched yet voluptuous body shape has a huge effect on your confidence and self-esteem. It also boosts the amount of attention you receive.

2. BBL fashion has become synonymous with richness. BBL fashion is extravagant and it's easy for people to assume you have money if you invested in the surgery, which is not cheap. 

3. BBL fashion is the main trend because the BBL body has become the standard. It's the body type that a lot of people aim for or wish they could have because it's what's considered sexy and beautiful. 

4. 2 Popular BBL Fashion Shops 

When you think about BBL fashion, two particular brands come to mind. Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing. 

Fashion Nova is one of the most viral clothing brands and though they offer fashion for all styles and sizes, their target audience is curvy women and BBLs. 

Kylie Jenner wears in Fashion Nova

Kylie Jenner wears in Fashion Nova black suit

Fashion Nova has partnered with BBL celebrities and influencers including Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Cardi B to create amazing collections and that's how they've become synonymous with BBL fashion. 

Pretty Little Thing is also known for BBL fashion at affordable prices. They specialize in trendy clothing, so they offer a wide variety of products. Their clothes are revealing and body contouring, and they cater to all sizes.

Pretty Little Thing x Doja Cat collection

Doja cat's fashion cooperation collection with Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing has collaborated with many celebrities and influencers as well to celebrate curvy bodies. Including Lil Kim, Saweetie, Jordyn Woods, and Doja Cat. That's why people know that if they need a hot outfit to show off their BBL, PLT is the place to go.   

Q: What is the BBL effect?

A: The BBL effect refers to the change in attitude people get after the BBL surgery. There are plenty of BBL effect videos on TikTok and Instagram that shows just how much people's confidence grows as a result of the BBL. They instantly turn into baddies who wouldn't be caught dead with anything but flawless makeup, nails, and outfits. 

Q: When did BBLs become popular?

A: Though BBL surgery has been around since the 60s, it wasn't until the 1990s that it became popular in the US. Today, it's easily one of the most coveted procedures. Even more so than liposuction and boob jobs. 

Q: How painful is a BBL surgery?

A: BBL surgery itself is not painful since patients are under anesthesia. However, recovery can be painful and uncomfortable. Of course, medications are prescribed and other measures are recommended to keep patients as comfortable as possible during the post-op period. 
Healing is not more painful than other cosmetic surgeries, so a lot of soreness in the buttocks can be expected. Once again, pain medication will make it bearable and after 1 or 2 weeks, patients won't experience any discomfort or pain. It's essential to follow the doctor's indications to the letter and focus on recovery. 
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