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Don’t You Know French Fashion & Style Yet? You Are Behind!

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French Style: Every Woman Should Try It

There is nothing more romantic than picturing yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower, eating a baguette, and drinking a hot cup of coffee. French style is iconic and timeless; it is the epitome of high fashion and inspires designers everywhere. Although many people are familiar with the term “French style,” many aren’t sure how it actually looks. 

What Is French Style? Why Is It So Popular?

French style is all about simplicity and letting the woman shine through the clothing. The French fashion style includes chic jeans, oversized accessories, and most importantly, how a woman carries herself. You won’t see a French woman sporting designer labels; that comes off as snobby to them. Instead, the French stick to neutrals like beige, gray, navy, and black; they don’t try to be overly sexy either. They focus on intellect and let the way they walk and talk convey the sexiness only the French style can achieve. French style is popular due to its romantic and sophisticated nature. Women want to imagine themselves walking down a French street just like in the movies. When a woman chooses French style she knows her look is timeless and sleek! 

Warning: Fake French Style!

Movies and magazines have often misinterpreted french style clothing. From over-the-top outfits to ridiculous costumes, many women try to emulate a fake interpretation of French style dress. Here are a few mistakes people make when trying to emulate a French chic style and options they can choose instead that display true French style.

The Beret

The Beret

The beret is an iconically French item, but nothing screams “Fake French style” more! Parisians don’t typically wear berets unless they are octogenarians, and even then, they don’t wear them the way we usually see in movies. While you do see berets occasionally on the streets of Paris, there are better options that encompass true French style. Instead of the overused beret, opt for a chic cap instead. Choose one with a modest brim in a classic style. This option from East Village Hats offers the perfect amount of French style while still maintaining a trendy vibe. 

The Striped Nautical Shirt

The Striped Nautical Shirt

We’ve all seen the cartoon with the man sitting at a cafe in a red striped nautical shirt, saying, “ooh la la.” In reality, the French street style is much more casual and laid back. More common French style includes well-fitting jeans, an oversized t-shirt or neutral slacks, and a solid blouse. Ditch the striped shirt and go for a top like this sophisticated yet casual one from the French brand Rouje. You will be the picture of French street fashion with a similar top, jeans, and heels. 

Tricks On Being A French Style Women

How Do You Dress French Style?

French style is all about sophistication and is casually chic. Below are examples of French style that will help you bring the streets of Paris home! 

1. Sleek Jeans

French style with sleek jeans

Jeans are an indispensable item when going for French style. Paired with heels, boots, or mules and a simple yet striking top, they are the perfect starting point for many different French style outfits. You can choose straight leg, skinny, relaxed fit, or even mom jeans; just avoid holes and distressing to keep it truly French. It’s not hard to get the look you desire that gives you authentically French vibes. 

Get The Look: 

Jeans - NYandCompany 

Top - Nordstrom

Boots - Boohoo

2. Chic Neutrals

French Style with Chic Neutrals

French style is all about neutrals and using them to create a chic and effortless look. Proving that just because your outfit is neutral doesn’t mean it has to be boring, French style elevates a plain look and makes you stand out. When wearing neutral clothing, the key is how you move your body. Hold your head high with confidence and walk like you mean it! Strutting your stuff and letting the world you mean business is one of the best ways to bring French style into every outfit you wear! Be bold and go for the same color from head to toe, only using your accessories to add another splash of color. Finish with a pair of oversized sunglasses for this classic Parisian vibe. 

Get The Look:

Dress - Gentle Herd

Poncho - Nordstrom

Heels - Macy’s

Bag - Kohls

3. Sophisticated Blazer

French Style with Sophisticated Blazer

A blazer is a perfect option to keep your outfit sleek and sophisticated when the weather begins to cool down. Opt for navy instead of typical black for a fun twist on a neutral style. No matter what you pair it with, a well-fitting blazer will give you the effortless French style you crave. Add a neutral top, jeans, sleek flats or mules, and a small crossbody bag to ensure your look is purely French. Finish it off with oversized sunglasses, and you’re done! 

Get The Look:

Blazer - J.Crew

Jeans - Old Navy

Top - Gentle Herd

Shoes - Steve Madden

Bag - Michael Kors

Other Ideas To Dress You In French Style

French Style Nails

Nails are often overlooked but can play a vital part in bringing french style to your outfit. The French pay close attention to details, and they know the subtle impact a nice set of nails has on your style. While the French love a more casual, sophisticated style, they like to bring color to their nails. To embody classic French style, stay away from long, over-the-top acrylics or loud and neon colors. 

You will see French women sporting well-manicured nails in neutrals or soft colors. They also like to add a pop to their outfits with a classic bold nail in red or pink. Remember, the brighter the color, the shorter the nail should be to avoid looking cheap or dated. French women believe nail color should complement your look, not detract from it. Here are a few examples of classic French style nails.

french purple and white nails

image @thehotblend

french pink and white nails

image @q_by_betternails

french snow nails

image @nailskathyspa

french long nude nails

image @deborah_cocco

French Style Hair

Your hair is the icing on the cake when it comes to accentuating your French style. The French love simple hairstyles that complement their outfits and add subtle sophistication to their looks. From soft beach curls to a french twist, your hairstyle has the power to make you look truly French. 

When sporting a more casual look, you can wear your hair down with soft curls or in a loose ponytail. Try to avoid anything harsh like a tight bun or ponytail with your hair completely pulled away from your face. French style is more laid back, and you should have some wispy hairs coming down. For a formal look, go for a slicked-back straight down-do or beautiful up-do. The French know hair can make or break an outfit and use it as another accessory. 

french short hair style

image @vickkst

french short hair girls


french twist hair

image @sweetvjewelry

french hair cut

image @vikusilver

French Style Resources

If you want to know more about French style and how you can recreate it, here are a few resources you can use to help you on your way. 

french style mom outfits

image @romantiqueandrebel

french style outfits

image @jacinte.absalon.r

french style outfits

image @karolina_maras

french style ootd

image @caro_aimelamode_maispasque

We hope this article helps you discover your French style and give you the tips you need to look chic and timeless. Remember, the French are all about casual sophistication, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you! 

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