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5 Best Nail Shapes For Fat And Chubby Fingers


Nail shape designs have been in existence, almost as the nails themselves. Humans are known for varying methods of beautification and sophistication. Hence, many people have been using different means to make their nails look good and attractive. Moreover, your nail designs tell more of who you are, even beyond your reasoning. Your nail also gives slight information about you, especially when radiant. 

What's a nail shape?

The human nail shape is a platelike, keratinous, translucent structure that consists of highly specialized epithelial cells that evolve from the dermis of the skin. 

Things To Consider Before Settling For a Nail Shape

Choosing an exceptional shape for a nail makes you look good. These nail shapes are best suited depending on the following factors:

The shape of hands, fingers, and nailbeds: This is one of the most essential factors because it determines the fitness of the nail shape. The shape of your hands, fingers, and nailbeds have their natural fit of nails shape and should be applied appropriately to achieve the best.

Length of a nail: Best nails for a short-length nail are usually square and round nail shapes. Longer nails are best suited with oval nail shape and almond nail shapes.

Kind of work you do: The work you do determines whether you can use bold nail shapes, like stiletto nail shape or ballerina nail shape, or a much more moderate one.

Ultimately, your personal choice: Most importantly before you select your nail shape, your preference has a long way to go in choosing a nail shape that fits you. 

Best Nail Shapes For Fat And Chubby Fingers

Having chubby or fat fingers makes it challenging to locate a soothing nail shape. Merely taking a critical look at your fat fingers might be giving you the idea of not getting the best nail shape. But here are a few nail shapes suggestions discovered to be the best for fat fingers. They are:

1. Almond Nails 

Almond nail shape with leopard print

Almond nail shapes are wonderfully designed to make sure your chubby/fat fingers are good and look more beautiful. In the real sense, they are thinner and look more beautiful on female fat fingers. It is thinner on both sides and broad on the nail's bedside, giving out an almond's exact nail shape. Almond nail shapes are quite sharper than oval nail shapes, making them the best for chubby/fat fingers.

2. Stiletto Nails

The classical stiletto nails

Stiletto nails are widely used around the world. People tend to use it more than other nails because they are perfect on fat and Chubby fingers, though it could be very difficult to do on your own. Again it makes your nails look lengthy and thinner because of their pointy shape. Stiletto nails are also used among the faces of society because it is special. This nail is suitable for those in the entertainment industry because they need to show it off and nothing more. 

3. Oval Nails

Elegant light pink oval nails

Oval nail shapes are best for fat fingers because they really make it longer than usual. You can try using the oval nail shape if you are tired of choosing nail shape due to your chubby fingers. They are good, especially for those who use their hands more often and engage in skills and professional work.

Oval nails shape are very attractive; they are very good for every nail bed, which could be broad or narrow. So far, the oval nail shape has proven classical; therefore, it is mostly preferred to other nail shapes. Also, it is very good on chubby and fat fingers. Oval nail shapes are naturally shaped; they are not made because of what people use everywhere. They are very clean and neat for use as long as you make them of the same sizes and length. 

To file your nails into an oval shape, make sure the tip of your nail is a little bit longer than the sides of your nail. Then, make the edges as light as possible, so it doesn't give a wrong nail shape. File it diagonally on both sides to give a similar diagonal shape. This diagonal shape can be more obvious depending on how you file it. You should try not to make it too sharp to avoid another nail shape. To do this, the tools you will need include a nail file and probably a clipper for reducing the length of the nail.

4. Ballerina Nails

Natural ballerina nails

Ballerina nails are similar to stiletto nails, making them obviously different for their square tip. Ballerina nails can also be called coffin nails. It looks elegant on fat and chubby fingers. They are called coffin nails because it is shaped like a coffin. Because of its squared edge, this makes it good for fat and chubby fingers. 

5. Round-Shaped Nails

Round-shaped nails with different colors on the nail tips

Round-shaped nails are good for short fat fingers because they hide their short length. It makes it longer for those who feel inferior for having short fingers. It is a nice change from almonds, stilettos, and even ballerinas. It is a classical nail that could go with any design, especially for people who want to rock shorter nails.

You have to get a nail clipper and a filer to file your nails into a round shape. The first step in creating this file shape is clipping your nail edges to a square shape. It is easier to make this round-shape nail from a square shape. After clipping, you have to file into your desired shape. Starting from the side, you file into the center. You get to move to the other side when you see the rounded edge.

The Nails Shapes You Should Avoid:

1. Square Nails

The square nails with two straight sharp corners

They're flat on top with straight, sharp corners. The nails are trimmed perpendicular to the sidewalls and have sharp rounded tips. It is a bold statement and creates strong sidewalls. They neither flare out nor taper in. One of the disadvantages is that If you have a small nail bed, this nail shape will make it look shorter and wider. When worn on a wide nail bed, the hands can look stocky or stubby. It only looks best on fingernails that are narrow, and with long fingers. 

2. Edge Nails

Non-common edge nail shapes

The nails form a spike which is less aggressive than that of a stiletto, arrowhead, or mountain peak nail shape. It extends straight before the top edges and is filed with shorter and less fierce-looking nail tips. The edge nail form a ridge through the center of the nail, mimicking an edge. It looks like a three-dimensional design as it is made with a free edge formed by two planes to form a v-surface towards the tip of the nail. The edge nail is only ideal for bigger nail beds, not recommended for smaller nail beds as the nails will appear short and wide. The sides of the nail are straight and the tip is flat, appearing square in shape. Classic French.

3. Flare Nails

Flare nails with decorations

Also known as the duckbill-shaped nails, this nail shape flares upward and outward at the tip of the nail. Its wide flare at the tip makes it look like a duckbill, thus its name Flare Shaped Nails. Unless your nails are super strong, you will need to reinforce this chosen shape with gel or acrylic, as it is very weak due to the sides being filed away. This shape needs some reinforcement from gel or acrylic. Filing the side of the nail away will weaken the nail.


Normal nails must be smooth, have the same color, and be free of spots. Therefore, to take care of your nails, you should note the following:

Make sure they are very clean and dry. Your nails must be kept clean and dry at all times to avoid any breakage. Likewise, ensure that you dry them with a towel whenever you handwash. You can also use waterproof hand gloves to avoid the reaction of harsh chemicals and too much water.

Do not be too harsh on your nails. Apply whatever you want to apply gently. Use sharp manicure scissors and a good file.

Use hand lotion to moisturize your nail when necessary.

You can still use a nail hardener to make sure your nails are hard and strengthen them to avoid excess breakage.

Your nail is made up of a waterproof layer with keratin. People have natural fat and chubby fingers, but some grow into it. Therefore, you can avoid fat fingers by daily exercise, avoiding food with less calories, and drinking enough water. 

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